Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whoopsie! Weight loss "Wednesday"!

Yes, I realize it's Thursday.....  This week Jimmy went back to work.  He and I kept losing track of what day of the week it was..... and that issue has only gotten worse this week for me without him here.... So a good amount of yesterday was spent thinking it was Tuesday... and the rest was spent thinking it was Thursday (I blame that on Survivor moving to Wednesday nights.  Anyways....  here are the stats:

Weight lost since Colby's birth: 12.2lbs
Weight loss this week: 0.6lb gain :-(
Weight loss methods used: breastfeeding, cooking meals at home
Pounds until goal weight: 32.8

Yah..... I went the wrong way.  But only by a little.  Hopefully we'll see some change next week.... this week has kinda been a transition week!

Oh, and no picture this week.  I forgot.... and i have a house to clean before my in-laws arrive tomorrow morning.  Of course Colby has decided he needs to eat all afternoon today.... making it a bit difficult to get things done!  Oh well, he's cute, so I'll let it slide.

The only reason I had time to write this post?  He's eating and I have become a master at typing with one hand!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The past three weeks

In the future, I'll *hopefully* post these photos as we actually hit each milestone... but you'll have to excuse my laziness in blogging - I've been busy cuddling with this cutie pie - and hanging out with my wonderful hubby!

So here is Colby on his 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week "birthdays". :-)

Colby's first photo shoot!

Colby had his first photo shoot at 4 days old! :-)

My awesome mother-in-law, Amy, made a couple "baby bowls" for me to play with and photograph Colby in.  I think the pictures turned out adorable - and he was an excellent subject!

Here are some of the pictures:

Colby on his due date

Colby's due date was 9/15.  When that day came, it was fun to think about all the "stolen" time we had already with our baby boy.  Here are some pictures from that day.

Cuddling with Daddy

Being silly - and cute!

Cuddling with Mama

Checking out my crib

It's a bit big....

Daddy picked an outfit for me! (LOL) :-)

Colby visited a friend!

Trying to get caught up on blogging....

On 9/14 Colby, Jimmy, and I visited some friends of ours who have a baby boy that is 9 days older than Colby.  I met Kathryn through on online group for women expecting babies in September 2010, and since they live in Bellilngham, I was able to meet up with her and another momma when we were all still pregnant.  Well, their baby was born 9 days before Colby, and had some serious complications in the first few days of his life.  He popped a hole in his lung, and had to be airlifted to Children's Hospital in Seattle the day after he was born.  Mom and dad followed him down, and spent three long weeks with him there.  He spent around a week in the NICU, and continued to be on supplemented oxygen until about 2 days before he left the hospital.

We visited them on Tuesday the 14th - and he got to go home on Thursday the 16th!  The day we visited him was the last full day he was on supplemental oxygen!  His due date was Friday the 17th - so he got home before his due date which was an awesome feat!

We had fun visiting them.  We compared all the little things both boys do - their noises, the faces they make, their habits.  So much fun!  We also brought them some fancy shmancy (not at all) burgers and fries - they had been eating cafeteria food for almost three weeks!

Here are some pictures from our visit:

 Of course we had to swap babies! :-)

Kathryn and Colby - they kept checking out his clothes and shoes... their baby boy got to hang out in just a diaper and blanket due to all his cords!

Me and baby Wes

So cute!

Look at that sweet little face!

Two babies!!! :-)

I think this is my "see Jimmy, we need more" face! :-) LOL

Tic Tac Toes

Jimmy has said since Colby was born that his toes look like little tic tacs.  Well... he's definitely growing, so now only the smallest two toes are tic tac size - so I figured I'd better get a picture or two of them before they're no longer tic tac toes.

Gotta love the things daddys come up with! :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 years

Don't worry.... you didn't miss something... we didn't skip forward in time. 

Just a quick post to say that yesterday was the 8 year anniversary of Jimmy and my first date (well, the second time around).  It was at the beginning of our senior year of high school.

8 years!  Wow.  Did I know then that the boy I was walking around the Portland Rose Garden would be my best friend, the love of my life, and the best husband and father I could ever ask for?  No. 

But I WAS determined to convince him to give us a chance.  And here we are!

I love you, Jimmy!

Us throughout the years..... (starting around 2004-2005)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second pediatrician appointment

Colby's "2 week" pediatrician appointment was on Monday 9/13.  We had scheduled it early due to the fact he was down 8 ounces from his birthweight at his first pediatrician appointment on 9/7, so the doctor wanted to make sure he was gaining weight. 

She had told us we could call and reschedule it for closer to when he turned 2 weeks if he had gained 3 ounces by the lactation appointment we had on 9/8 (which he did!), but we didn't make the call.  Oh well!

At his second appointment, Colby weighed 7lbs, 0.5oz - 14th percentile - (up 11.5oz in the 6 days since the last pediatrician appointment!).  The doc said this was great weight gain.  She would've been happy with an average of one ounce a day... and Colby was almost averaging 2oz gain per day (what an overachiever!) :-)

The appointment went well, and she said he looked great.  He did have to go to the lab to have his foot pricke again to repeat the newborn PKU test that they do in the hospital and two weeks later.  He was a trooper, and really only cried when the lab tech was squeezing his foot (do you blame him!?).  Afterwards, I successfully nursed him for the first time in public (in the waiting room - with my handy dandy nursing cover).  We then went out to lunch at Famous Dave's to celebrate! :-)

They didn't measure his length or head circumference, so I don't have those to compare.

Ready to head out!

Check out the awesome blanket my cousin-in-law Andreea made for Colby!

Being weighed - you can tell he's gained some weight... his little belly is getting rounder! :-)

Cute faces while he waits for the doctor!

"Oh no!  The doctor is coming!"

Colby's first Famous Dave's BBQ encounter! :-)  This is one of Daddy's FAVORITE restaurants!

Krouper Family visit!

The family I nannyed for also came to visit on Sunday 9/12 (yes, it was a busy weekend!).  They were all super excited to meet Baby Colby / Baby Eggo! :-)

In addition to coming to visit, they also brought us some food!  They had made Jumbalaya, a bunch of individual-sized chicken pot pies (which I have become obsessed with!), and some chocolate chip cookies!

Everyone took a turn holding Colby... though I think Laura got the most time with him (she LOVES babies!).  I took video of Seth holding Colby.  If I figure out how to get the video off our video camera and onto the computer, I'll add it to this post eventually.... but for now pictures will have to do!

Laura (9.5 years old) was the first to hold Colby!

Seth had to come over and check him out!

Sarah got a (very quick) turn - while Leah supervised!

Leah (7 years old) took a turn

Tom also got a (very quick) turn

And Seth (2.5 years old) got his turn!!!  He was SO excited!

Colby recovered from all the adventures of the day / weekend by cuddling with daddy!

Rawlings family visit!

On Sunday 9/12 my Aunt and Uncle, Judy and Lance, came to visit us.  This was a fun visit because they had never seen our house - they just happened to be in town visitng some other friends and thought it would be fun to meet Colby!  We agreed!

Colby and Great-Aunt Judy

Colby meeting his Great-Aunt Judy and Great-Uncle Lance

Colby and Great-Uncle Lance

More visitors!

On 9/9, we were visited by Brooke - a friend we met through Jimmy's work.  I'm a dumbo, and didn't take pictures.  It was great to have her come by, though.  Brooke lives in Lake Stevens as well, and she and her husband Ron have two adorable children.  We love getting together with them, and don't do it enough.  Ron is also an OSU alumni (though he graduated a bit before we did!).  Brooke also brought us some thai chicken salad and noodles (both were spicy... yum!), and a cup of brownie bites!!!! (she knew I couldn't have them for way too long!)  Thanks Brooke!

On Saturday 9/11 we were visited by Bob, Sally, and Jenny.  Colby was one week old!  These friends are family friends that Kim has known since she was born - they're part of my parents' Bible Study... so Bob and Sally are basically like an Uncle and Aunt to me - and Jenny like a cousin!  You'll hear about Jenny again in the future because Colby will be attending her wedding at the beginning of October!

Once again, I'm lame, and I only got pics of Bob and Jenny with Colby.  Ugh.

Bob with Colby.  Bob LOVES babies / kids.

Jenny and Colby
I think she looks like a natural... and that she and her hubby-to-be Chris should get on making Colby a playmate! :-)

Skinner Family visit

Colby has been visited by many friends and family already!  The following posts will include a bunch of pictures from most of the visits!

Will, Dawn, Kai, and Niko came to visit on 9/7 - they brought us pizza for dinner (we had brought them pizza when Niko was born).  They were Colby's first visitors (other than Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Rawlings in the hospital)  Niko and Colby are exactly 8 weeks apart.  Niko was over 8lbs when he was born, so a bit bigger than Colby... but it's fun to see the difference in their size!

Niko and Colby meet for the first time!

Look at how much bigger Niko is than Colby!  (oh, and Colby was pissed because we were oblivious to the fact his wet diaper had leaked completely through his outfit - whoopsie!)

Kai tried to help calm Colby down!

Colby is not living up to his onesie.....

Meeting Dawn - I swear he should recognize her voice since we hung out soooo much while preggo together!

Baby swap! :-)

The mamas and our boys!