Friday, February 15, 2013

Because some day.....

... I'm sure you will battle me over eating your veggies.   I should remember days like yesterday - when you snuck two roma tomatoes into my cart at the grocery store and insisted we get "the baby peppers, strawberries, and baby watermelon - my fave-it". 

Don't worry, you also picked out some chocolate milk mix (no sugar added) and a tub of mini blueberry muffins.


{hopefully} back to bloggin'

I don't make new years resolutions.... not because I don't believe in them, but because I'm TERRIBLE about follow-through..... But this year I've got some goals in mind.
In no particular order:
~ MAKE TIME for family
~ MAKE time for ME!
~ actively participate in my life / the lives of my kiddos / family (I know that sounds strange.... I'm thinking a separate blog post on this one....)
~ Sew for me / my kids / things I DREAM UP {not just paid orders}

With that in mind..... this blog is {hopefully} being revived.  My life is crazy.  It's busy.  Many days I make a {very short} list of things I'd like to get done and I'm lucky if I get ONE of those things done.  But I enjoy blogging... I like to read back through and remind myself about the crazyness.... I like to share pictures.... I have opinions about LOTS of things.

So..... here's hoping I'm successful!

This blog will be a place I will write about our family {it has expanded to a family of four since my last post - but that's not surprising as the last post was OVER TWO YEARS AGO! -sigh-}, my successes {and failures} as a mom, my {not so little} handmade business, my obsession with fabric, my opinions on just about anything.... and random ramblings that you're sure to gloss right over! :)

Hello again, bloggy world!