Wednesday, July 28, 2010

33 weeks!

Well... I failed last week and totally missed the 32 week post!!! Whoopsie! This unemployment thing is keeping me pretty busy! :-)

Our good friend Katie came to visit last week. We went to 2 Mariners vs. Red Sox games (Colby's first baseball games), a lame-o farmers market (but in a cute part of town), had dinner with friends, went to the Edmonds beach, watched some fireworks, watched two terrible movies, and got some good hang-out time. It was great to have her come visit! Thanks for coming Katie! :-) Katie went home on Monday, and Tuesday I hopped on the train to Portland.

I'm in Beaverton for the week - hanging with family, maybe seeing some friends, and then Jimmy comes down Friday night and we've got maternity photos (my brother is taking them for us) on Saturday, as well as our final baby shower.... and a family reunion Sunday. Busy busy!

So... here's what babycenter says about Colby's development this week:

This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal. (The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a conehead-like appearance.) These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

This makes me giggle a little 'cause over two weeks ago at my growth ultrasound Colby was estimated to be 4 lbs, 9 ozs..... so I think he's a bit bigger than what they describe above! :-)

I've had another day or two of really uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions.  Yesterday was one of them.  It's just a (not so) friendly reminder that I am, in fact, pregnant, growing a kiddo inside of me..... and it reminds me that I can't or probably shouldn't do things like I used to.  But so far I've been slightly oblivious to this..... so this is a bit of a rude awakening.  It's not like I'm trying to run a marathon - just walking around Costco or prepping dinner stuff for a couple hours.  And my body revolts.  So I'll learn to take it a little easier... I guess.

My NST / fluid check went well last week.  Still have tons of fluid in there (they figure the size of the baby and the amount of fluids I have mean I'll be feeling the contractions more, and having them more, than the average expecting mama.  (woo-hoo!).  The NST went well, though Colby was being a stinker (go figure) and didn't want to move around to get his heartrate up (he tends to be pretty mellow in the mornings).  So the nurse had to poke and prod him - even got out the "taser" - a little handheld thing that buzzes so it makes some vibration and noise and is supposed to wake babies up and get them moving.  Colby ignored it.  He woke up 5 or so minutes later, though.... on his own schedule.  I had one contraction on the monitor (not uncomfy, but it was cool to see the tracking of it on the paper), and a few little ones as well.  But the nurse said that was normal.

I'll leave you with a picture of me - 32 weeks and 4 days preggo!  It's from our morning at the Edmonds beach!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My husband...

I just felt the need to post that my husband really is an amazing man.  The excitement that he exudes about meeting our baby boy is just so heartwarming.  He truly is excited, ready (or as ready as he can be), impatient, and so in love already with the baby growing inside of me.  Almost every night as we go to bed, he puts his hand on my belly, leans down, kisses it, and talks to our son.  He tells him how excited he is to meet him, and how he just wishes it was September - NOW!  He also tells him to treat his mommy well (which I appreciate).

Jimmy also takes such great care of me.  He supports me in the things I love to do.  He truly is my #1 fan and cheerleader.  He believes in me even when I have my doubts.  He rubs my feet, my back, my anything - any time I ask him to (I try to resist...... but my changing physique necessitates these massages!).  He is so interested in learning about what is to come - he's been amazing through our childbirth classes, and has really been open to discussing our "plans" and my goals, etc., and I know he's willing to help me achieve them - help us.

I love my husband.  He truly is my best friend, and I am reminded of that every day.  I love that I now get to make him dinner every night (I know.... sooooo Susy Homemaker of me!) - even if it's just a simple stir fry.  I love that he smiles when he walks in the door and gives amazing hugs.  I love that he enjoys (truly) spending time with my family - and that his is so important to him.  I know I picked him..... but I'm so glad he picked me, and that we get to live with that wonderful decision for the rest of our lives!

I love you honey!

Oh.... and in case there was any question about his ability to be excited about a baby / whether he'll "look" the part when he's a dad..... here are a few pictures of him with Niko - our closest friends' baby - Niko is a week old in these pictures.

First NST and Fluid Check

Well, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, I am now scheduled for weekly Non-Stress Tests (NST's) and ultrasounds to check my fluid levels.  This is due to the GD, and the fact that babies can start to show distress due to the effects of the GD.  They check the fluid levels because if the baby gets big, sometimes they can start pushing fluid out..... which is not good!

Well, my first NST and fluid u/s was last Thursday.  It's in the same building as Dr. B's office - the same building I will deliver in - so I know this location well!  The fluid ultrasound was quick, and definitely a lower quality machine than the others I've seen..... but an ultrasound is an ultrasound - fun to get a peek at our son! :-)  The tech measured the amount of fluid he could see, and pointed out Colby's head and a couple other parts for me.  At the end, he had a cool shot of his spine, and kinda zoomed out (when I said - "ooh that's cool").  He laughed because Colby had his head totally craned back (think extending it / pushing it as far back as to arch his back as humanly possible).  Yup..... that's my lil' stinker.  Trying as hard as possible to get that massive melon down low, and to push on my bladder and other parts as much as possible! ;-)

He said my fluid levels looked great.  I forget what the unit of measurement is, and quite frankly what the number was, but I want to say around a 23 (which means nothing to me.... other than the fact it was at like a 16.5 or something on Monday at my growth scan ultrasound).  Apparantly that's lots of fluid, though, 'cause the tech said something about it, and the nurse who came to get me for the NST also made the comment that I had "enough fluid in there for at LEAST one baby".  Good to hear I guess!

The NST went well.  They just strap me onto two monitors - one monitors the baby's heartrate, the other monitors for any contractions.  They want about 20 minutes of solid tracking and then they let me go.  Colby was pretty active at the beginning ('cause I had eaten breakfast right before I headed in), which they like because they like to see what happens to the heartrate when they're moving around, etc.  But then he fell asleep.  Haha.

The nurse ended up coming over and said she needed to try to wake him up.  So she poked, prodded, shook (no joke!) my belly until he was obviously awake.  I told her Jimmy always gives me a hard time for doing what she had just done - she said he shouldn't - that sometimes we just have to wake 'em up to say hi!  After that, he was dancing all over the place!  He was either celebrating being awake, or trying to fight back and revolt.  Either way, I loved it - I love feeling every roll, kick, jab, punch, and hiccup! (yup, the nurse confirmed he had the hiccups when we woke him up - so funny!)

All went well, and I look forward to my appointment this Thursday to say hi to him again!

Oh.... and I just have to say that the timing of me losing my job couldn't have been better.  While it will be a little interesting financially, I can't even imagine having to make these appointments while working,  even more so while working as a nanny.  The specialist is only available to do the NSTs / fluid checks from 8:15am - 3pm, and I have to do those weekly.  My appointments with Dr. B are now every other week, and will soon go to weekly.  It would've been absolutely insane.  I guess sometimes things really do happen for a reason!

"32 week" doc appointment

Well.... I had my 32 week doctor's appointment on Monday.  I'll technically be 32 weeks tomorrow (Wednesday), but when I made my appointments I was working and I had Mondays off.  Now..... I can do appointments any day of the week! :-)

The appointment went well.  Technically I was down 0.2lbs from 2.5 weeks ago (putting my weight change at ZERO pounds for the whole pregnancy..... ridiculous).  Again, the doc and nurse didn't mention anything about this... so I guess we're A-OK.  My blood pressure was 122/72 - within my normal range.

Doc looked over my sugars - and I was so proud of the fact I did not have one number out of range since my last appointment!!!!  We discussed the fact that Colby is measuring big.  Basically it's hard to know if he's measuring big because of the GD or if Jimmy and I were just destined to make a big baby.  The fact that my blood sugars have consistently stayed where they should would lend itself to the idea that maybe we just make big babies..... but you never know, and it's still possible the insulin resistance is effecting him.  Regardless, doc was happy with Colby's proportions, and we'll just keep on keepin' on. 

He did say that I should expect to meet Colby at least a week before my due date.  He was slightly vague (as he's been before) so I point blank asked him "so you mean like a scheduled induction? or?"  He confirmed that I will be scheduled for an induction by 39 weeks, if not before, (depending on how he's measuring down the line) and if Colby doesn't decide to come earlier.  So.... sounds like the latest we'll be meeting our not-so-little guy will be around September 8th!  My dad is still cheering for September 9th (his birthday).... we'll see.

It's crazy to me to knock a week off the countdown in one day.  Even more so right now.  I'm almost 32 weeks, which techincally is 8 weeks away from my due date.  But with the new info, our countdown shifts to 7 weeks left!  For some reason 7 weeks just sounds like a MUCH shorter time than 8 weeks.  8 weeks is approximately two months.  7 weeks is less than that!!!  Eek!  But we are so excited and SO ready to meet this guy!

Dr. B is slightly surprised that Colby is so big, because he says he doesn't "feel" that big (when he pushes around on my belly - always wonderful because at any moment I feel like I could just pee everywhere!).  But.... this is probably because I have a ton of fluid in there (according to my fluid ultrasound last Thursday) that's padding his big noggin!

I'll leave you for now with the following picture.  This was taken last night - 31 weeks, 5 days.  Where did that belly come from?! :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

31 weeks!!!!

Holy Moly!  31 weeks today!  That means 9 weeks or less 'til we meet this not-so-little bugger! :-)  63 days....  eek!

Here's what Babycenter has to say about Colby (though after my post about his growth ultrasound, it seems silly to report this 'cause he's not as small as they're describing!) :-)

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

I actually saw him turn his head from side to side during the ultrasound!  It was crazy!  Just another reminder there's a real person in there!  It was like he was giving us a profile shot, and then would look directly at us (at the ultrasound probe), then back to profile!!!!!

Braxton Hicks

So... as a first time mom I really wanted to experience everything pregnancy has to offer.  As some of my cyber friends were talking about getting Braxton Hicks contractions and I hadn't experienced any thus far, I almost felt a little bit sad.  I TAKE IT ALL BACK. 

Yesterday was miserable.  I am now realizing what I thought was just him pushing out on my belly, etc., has actually been BH's.... so I've probably been having them on and off for at least a few weeks (I was kinda wondering..... but hadn't really confirmed that fact).  Well I confirmed it yesterday.  In the car driving to play with Seth I had three - in a 25 minute drive.  I then had two more while sitting in a chair while he ate some cereal.  That put my total at at least 5 in 45 minutes to an hour, and I was pretty sure I had heard somewhere that meant I should at least give the doc's office a call.

So I called.  Of course they reassured me that they were just Braxton Hicks (I wasn't worried they were real contractions.....) and that as long as they weren't painful and I could walk / talk through them they weren't concerned.  She told me to sit, drink lots of water, maybe put my feet up, and they should go away.  Hmmmm..... I was already sitting (during all of them), drinking tons of water......

So after I played with Seth I probably should've gone straight home and taken it easy..... but of course I didn't do that.  I had planned on running a bunch of errands since I'd be down by the mall where everything was in close proximity.  I didn't expect them to take so long, and I was out / on my feet for a solid 4 hours.  Whoopsie.  I had the BH's the whole time.... and while I don't think they were painful.... I was starting to be in pain / waddle / be uncomfortable I think as a combo of my belly hardening up at least every 20 minutes and being on my feet for 4 hours.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  I got out my exercise ball (called a birthing ball when you're preggo - haha), and sat on it... doing circle 8's, swaying back and forth, bouncing a little.  I have to say that these are seriously the best tool for pregnant women.  Somehow they just let your back / hips sit in the PERFECT position, and take so much pressure off your lower back, etc.  If you are pregnant and reading this - go buy one now.  If you have one in your closet you haven't blown up in forever.... inflate it!!!  I haven't been able to sit on our couch comfortably to watch a 2 hour movie for at least a month now, and Jimmy and I sat and watched one the other night (me with my butt / hips on the ball and leaning back onto his chest - him sitting on the couch)... and I only got up once (to pee).  AMAZING.

I turned on The Bachelorette and stayed on the ball for most of it.  That helped.... but I was still exhausted and Jimmy could tell when he got home!

Luckily I have a wonderful husband, and he massaged my back with my new massage tool while I sat on the ball for another half an hour and we watched Wipeout. :-)

My massage tool is much cooler than this one - mine is green and is a little cat - its feet are the little knobs that massage you.  It was $4 at Bath and Body Works - and I've decided it's already paid for itself - and will be amazing in the hospital (we'll practice a bunch between now and then so Jimmy REALLY knows how to use it by then!) hehehe.

So.... I guess the moral of the story is that I should listen to my body, and take it easy if it's having a hard time.  I AM unemployed now.... so I probably could've done those errands another day! ;-)

Oh and the nurse on the phone yesterday afternoon (the one calling to tell me Colby was measuring big) said his size is probably why I'm having the BH's so much..... yippee.

Monday's ultrasound

I had an ultrasound on Monday to check on Colby's growth (due to the Gestational Diabetes they like to check to make sure baby isn't getting too big, losing fluids, etc.)

Colby is definitely head-down (I swear he has been most of the time)... his head was so far down the tech was having a hard time getting a good picture of my cervix (yum!).  His butt is over to my left side (yup, I can feel the mass), and his feet are up in my right ribs or so.
First I'll share some pictures..... Once again I worked my magic and got a CD!  This time she just picked out the "best" pictures.... so we didn't get them all..... but got a bunch!

His little arms - it was soooo cool to see him punching / moving them around and be able to feel it at the same time!!!

His foot and big toe - this is Jimmy's favorite photo of the bunch.  He says it just looks like a real baby foot and makes it so much more obvious there's really a little human growing in there!

Face shot - labeled by the ultrasound tech

Another face shot.  The bubbly looking thing by his chin was part of the umbilical cord.

Profile of the little stinker

And some 3D pictures.  At first I wasn't sure if I wanted her to do them - I've seen them before and when the baby is not as developed they just look like a creepy skeleton baby.... but I think his turned out pretty decent - still a little creepy 'cause they totally look like a baby - and it will be cool to see how much he looks like these first "photos" of him when we meet him!!!

Face with arms / hands up by it

Another face shot - I swear he's blowing bubbles!!! :-)
Oh.... and I'm convinced he has daddy's nose!

And his profile in 3D

Now.... onto his stats (these are estimates - from me snooping while she was taking them and her giving me a quick rundown of them at the end.... I'll hear more about it on Monday at my doc appointment).

I was 30 weeks, 5 days when I went in for the ultrasound....
Femur: measuring 32.5-33 weeks
Belly: measuring 33-34 weeks
Head: measuring 34-35 weeks (Koopman head!)
Approximate weight: 4lbs, 9oz

Obviously he's measuring big.  The tech said he was probably measuring around 33 or 33.5 weeks when you averaged it all out.  The email I just got from babycenter about "my baby at 31 weeks" says he weighs about 3.3 lbs - hahaha..... Colby is an overachiever.

So.... what does that mean?  Well.... it could mean that Jimmy and I just make big babies.  But it also could mean he's getting big because of the Gestational Diabetes.  I got a call from my doc's office yesterday afternoon, and they're referring me to the Maternal and Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists to start Non-Stress Tests (NST's) and fluid level checks weekly.  That's where they'll hook me up to a monitor and see his heartrate pattern, if I'm contracting at all, etc.  They'll also do quick ultrasounds to check the fluid levels as big babies sometimes start to push the fluids out which is not good.

Luckily the ultrasound tech said my fluid levels looked GREAT based on her measurements (and the nurse on the phone confirmed).

I should hear from the MFM office today or tomorrow to set up those weekly appointments, and I see Dr. B on Monday to go over the results of the ultrasound and for my normal 32 week checkup.  We'll see what he says about all of it.... but I know I've been doing a great job with my sugars, and I obviously haven't been cheating (that much!) because I still haven't gained any weight - so I'm not getting massive!!!


Well.... today is day #3 of unemployement (really more like day #2 'cause I always had Mondays off)..... and I have to say - I'm a fan!!!  While I always had Mondays off, this past Monday felt so much different.  It was like I could do whatever - I didn't have to cram all my "day off" stuff into one day... because if I didn't get it done Monday - I could do it Tuesday, or Wednesday, or.....

Here's how I've spent my first few days of unemployment...

  • Slept in
  • Applied for unemployment
  • Put away all our baby gifts from our shower on Sunday
  • Cleaned out our fridge (didn't actually clean the shelves, etc. - that's for another day, but got rid of all the old stuff in it - there was still food from our baby shower 2 weeks prior!)
  • Cleaning out fridge inspired me to clean out our freezers - both of them (we have a freezer as part of the fridge, but also a small chest freezer in the garage)
  • Made an inventory list of everything in both freezers (yes.... I'm a dork.... but it is so helpful in meal planning!!!)
  • Planned meals for the week
  • Went to my growth scan ultrasound (I'll blog about that separately)
  • Cleaned up our kitchen (kinda)
  • Did the week's grocery shopping
  • Made dinner for Jimmy (it was ready right when he got home, and I made Tacos - something he's fanatical about but I've just been so-so about..... the smile on his face when he walked into the house and could tell it was tacos for dinner was priceless!)
  • Went to our childbirth class
  • Slept in 'til 7am
  • Babysat / played with Seth for a couple hours
  • Ran errands - did a couple returns, grabbed some crafting supplies for Colby's scrapbook (which will be started soon) - Michaels had their paper for 5 for $1 - score!, found a couple options for shirts for our maternity photos in 2.5 weeks, got some sample-sized yummy smelling soaps / lotions for our hospital bag)
  • A quick Costco run (for the necessities for this week - their coupons start Thursday and I have a list for that too!)
  • Watched The Bachelorette (from Monday - this was my break for the day due to MAJOR Braxton Hicks all day)
  • Did dishes from Monday night (since we get home kinda late from childbirth class!)
  • Made dinner for Jimmy - Mandarin Orange Chicken - on of my favorites and Jimmy likes it too!
  • Sat on the couch with my hubby (and on my exercise ball which is HEAVEN - any preggo ladies out there need to get one - NOW! while Jimmy massaged my back with my new massage tool - purchased at Bath and Body Works earlier in the day - it will be AWESOME for the hospital too!)
Wednesday thus far (and plans for the day):
  • Slept in ('til 8:30am - my alarm goes off at 7, but I hit it and then turned it off and then slept an extra hour... hahaha)
  • Ate breakfast
  • Plan to clean the house up a bit
  • Plan to put together the baby swing we got as a gift this weekend!
  • Plan to make thank-you notes for the baby shower this weekend - and maybe get a head start on the ones for the shower in a couple weeks 'cause it's going to be HUGE!
  • Get the propane tank refilled
  • Make dinner for Jimmy - I think I'm doing shrimp skewers on the BBQ tonight.... we'll see!
Yes.... I love it.  I know some days I will be bored..... but I figure I have enough scrapbooking / old photos to get in albums to keep me busy for a LONG time.... and still have a few baby blankets to make.  I'm also looking into selling stuff on Etsy, so we'll see about that!

My last official paycheck is this Friday.  Hopefully my unemployment will go through soon and I can start getting checks from that, which will include an attempt on my part to find a job for a while..... but I really don't think I look / sound very employable right now - employers can be picky 'cause there are still a bunch of people looking for jobs - and a 7.5 month preggo lady with lots of doctors appointments sounds oh-so-appealing!

Friday, July 9, 2010


One final post today.....

Just have to say congratulations to our friends Karie and Dain who welcomed their daughter, Ella DeLanie, to the world early Wednesday morning.  After 64 hours of labor (yes, Karie is supermom), Ella was delivered by c-section weighing just over 8lbs and 22inches long.  Mama, baby, and daddy are doing great and should be headed home today!  I'm guessing they'll be really busy.... but maybe just maybe we'll get to visit them this weekend when we're in town!  So excited for them!

And..... Dawn has been having contractions since Wednesday evening.... but they aren't doing anything super productive yet!  :-(  Her due date is tomorrow - and I think we all expected her to have baby Niko early because Kai came 10 days early.  I guess Niko is just happy in his warm waterbed! :-)  We'll see what the weekend brings - but we won't be around to watch Kai this weekend if she does go into labor!  Eek!  If she hasn't had Niko by Wednesday, I heard a rumor her doctor would induce......  I'm hoping for Monday (but preferrably after my ultrasound)! :-)

I have one more friend due in July - but she's due the 19th.  We'll see when Baby boy C makes his appearance!!!!  So excited for all these babies!  And it's quite strange because I've known all along I was around 10 weeks behind them.... and now that their babies are here (or coming soon) it makes me realize how close we are to meeting our lil' guy!!!

30 week doctor's appointment

Well.... I had my 30 week Doctor's appointment on Wednesday (yes, it's been a busy week!).  All went well.  I'm now up to appointments every 2 weeks!  Crazy!

My blood pressure was 112/70 (great!).  I had lost 2lbs since my last appointment (about 3 weeks earlier).  Ridiculous.  This means I am exactly the same weight I was at my very first prenatal appointment on 1/25/10.  I had lost a pound or two at the beginning due to lack of appetite, gained a couple, but now I'm dead even.  I'm not really complaining, since I've always struggled to maintain a healthy weight and I'd love to have not very much baby weight to lose (because I've got a lot of Kim weight to lose when Colby gets here).... but it's just crazy.  I expected to be struggling with weight gain while pregnant.... but no.  I'm sure some of it has to do with the diet I'm on for Gestational Diabetes (yah, I guess carbs really do help you pack on the pounds).... but I think it also has to do with the fact I'd much rather sit down and eat fruits and veggies than a pound of potato chips.

Speaking of Gestational Diabetes..... Dr. B was very happy with my recent numbers.  I had one fasting level that was out of range - but I truly don't know why!  I woke up that night and had a snack (a granola bar) in the middle of the night.... but I've done that before and not had a problem.  I also had one after-meal level that was out of range.... but overall he said >95% were within range, and he was very happy with that!

They scheduled me for my first growth scan ultrasound.  It's this coming Monday (the 12th).  They will check to see how big Colby is, how he's developing, etc.  I can't wait to see him and how much he's grown!  I'm hoping I get at least a few pictures out of the whole thing!  Jimmy's not going to be able to come with me because it's in the middle of the day.  I will have at least one more ultrasound - at 36 weeks - to check on his size, and Jimmy's planning on coming to that one. 

My next doctor's appointment is Monday July 19th.  I'll be almost 32 weeks!  At that point the doc will order Non-Stress Tests to be done at least once a week.  This is where I go in and get hooked up to monitors to see how Colby is doing, monitor his heartrate, etc.  They'll also check the fluid levels around him... make sure all is peachy keen.  Dr. B said it was pretty decent timing that I will be off work as of Monday because of all the appointments - it would've been a headache to schedule them so I wasn't constantly inconveniencing the family!!!

I think that's about it!  I figure I'll ask him more about his comment that I won't go as far as my due date at my next appointment - after he has the results of the ultrasound, etc.

I can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our little guy!  We have another baby shower this weekend to celebrate his impending arrival - so wonderful to be surrounded by those who love us and our unborn son!

4th of July!

Here are a few more photos from the 4th!  We went to Will and Dawn's for dinner (yum!), then tried to go to a fireworks show nearby (but I guess it was cancelled), so we quickly headed down to Edmonds and caught their fairly lame fireworks show.  At least we saw some!

Dawn and I are dorks.  We bought the same shirt together a while back.... and we FINALLY had a chance to take a picture wearing it!  It says "Good things come in large bellies".  :-)

Jimmy told us we should grab our boobs for a picture.  Whatever.  Instead we were dorks!

Hello Bellies!!!  I'm 29 weeks, 4 days in this picture.... Dawn is 39 weeks, 1 day!

Me and Jimmy.  Not the greatest photo.... but oh well!  Happy 4th!

Whoopsie.... 30 weeks!

Well.... I somehow missed my blog post for 30 weeks!  I'll blame it on the fact I was having a wonderful day with the kids - we went for a ferry ride, had lunch with Jimmy, and enjoyed a beautiful summer day!

But.... I'm so excited to be 30 weeks (and 2 days now!).  This means we are around 3/4 of the way to meeting Colby!!!!  I can't believe it!

So.... here's what babycenter says about Colby this week:

Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and he weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds him, but that volume will decrease as he gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. His eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen; even after he's born, he'll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open them, he'll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means he can only make out objects a few inches from his face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)

Here's me with the kids on Wednesday (at 30 weeks):


And here's a side view from this past weekend - on Sunday (the 4th of July).