Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A bad blogger....

Hi all! {wait.... are there people out there reading this?!}

As you have seen.... I am a bad blogger.  I mean well..... but then I end up chin-deep in piles of fabric... and well..... the boys join me and we all end up covered in scraps and thread and giggling the whole time.

Anyway...... I miss writing and sharing about our family / being a mom / running my "little" business.... sew I'm trying something that is a combination of new {new blog} and old {same crazy mama - me!}

Come join me over at Sew & Tell - - - while I'll focus mainly on sewing / my business / the creative process / my love of fabric I will DEFINITELY post about the kids / our family / attempting to do all this with two VERY active boys!

Hope to see you there!