Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Half Off and other addictive sites

There are a multitude of awesome baby websites out there that sell baby gear, etc., for around half off or other big discounts.  Some of my favorites are:

Baby Half Off
Green Baby Bargains

These are just some of my favorites.  I got most of my cloth diaper stash from BabySteals - and have had fun trying other things and browsing the popular baby garb.

Right now, Baby Half Off and are doing a giveaway!  I've entered a bunch of giveaways through blogs, facebook fan sites, etc., and still haven't won one - but one of these days hopefully I will.

I apologize if you are now addicted to these sites too....


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weight loss Wednesday

Well, we're on vacation, and I don't really want to track down a scale.  So instead, I'll report on some recent weightloss / fitness goals.

Last week, it was my goal to go to the gym four times.  This was because we'd be on vacation this week (thus away from the gym and around WAY more junk food), and because I'm really enjoying going!  Well.... I did it!!!  Tuesday I did Zumba, Wednesday I just did some cardio (elliptical), Thursday I did zumba again, then Friday I tried aqua Zumba - and swam some laps beforehand.  At least 2 of the days the girls at the childcare had to come get me 10-15 minutes early because Colby was freaking out (he was hungry and decided he no longer liked the bottles we had been using).  Oh well, still got *most* of my workout in!

For this week (while in Utah visiting family), my goal is to use their in-home workout room three times (it has an elliptical, treadmill, and weight machine).  Well, so far I've used it once.  I'm supposed to use it today.... we'll see.  I had a wicked sore throat yesterday, and I'm stuffy, etc., today, so we'll see.  But we're here 'til Saturday.... so I might still make my goal.

I was also hoping to not eat toooooo much crap.  Well.... I fail at that one.  Hard to do when there's ALWAYS chips & dip, candy, soda, etc., around!!!  Oh well.... one week won't kill me!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Utah fun!

Colby has been enjoying some quality time with family here in Utah (oh, and we have too!).  Here are A BUNCH of pictures from the first two days! :-)

Hangin' with Grandpa on the couch

Being cute in his new penguin outfit! 

Add in the hat - ready to go check out the snow!

Playing with Daddy and Grandma!

Playing with Grandma

Telling everyone a story while he plays!

Checking out the snow

Jimmy even helped shovel some snow!

Taking a bottle from Grandma (this means we get to go on a date night!)

Spending some time with Grandma!

3 generations of couch potatoes! :-P 

Watching football - or watching the baby!

Mittens the cat had to check out Colby

Not so sure about this baby thing.....

Grandma practiced changing a diaper too!!!

Oh, and what would vacation be without a nap with Grandpa!?

.... more to come, of course!

Visiting Utah!

We are spending the week visiting Jimmy's family in Utah for Thanksgiving.  Colby went on his very first flight yesterday - and he did great!  Lame-o me didn't take any photos with my camera at the airport or on the plane.  I snapped a couple with the phone, so those will have to do for now.  I'll try to get the camera out on the way home - but it was a bit of a circus already! :-)

For our week long adventure we brought the following:
1 Large rolling suitcase (with my clothes, Colby's clothes, Colby's diapers) - Checked at the counter ($25 - boo)
1 Baby Carseat - Checked at the counter (free)
1 Carseat base - Checked at the counter (free)
1 snap-n-go stroller - Checked at the oversized luggage window (free)
1 infant in the Baby Bjorn (except when we walked through the security gate)
1 diaper bag (carryon)
1 breastpump (carryon)
1 small rolling suitcase (with Jimmy's clothes in it) - carryon (but gate checked 'cause it was a small plane)
1 gym bag (with blankets, shoes, and other miscellaneous stuff) - carryon (but gate checked 'cause it was a small plane)

Yes.... we looked like a travelling circus show (especially when we got off the parking shuttle before we checked the bag and carseat / stroller).  But it went VERY smoothly.  Everyone at the security check was very nice.  We actually breezed through (I woudn't have even been annoyed if I was behind us!) security.

Colby and me at the gate - bad pic because of the backlighting!

Turned around the other way - now we're washed out 'cause of all the light on our faces! :-P

Of course, when I printed our boarding passes, the computer was trying to put us in an exit row (even though I specified we'd have a baby in our lap when I bought the tickets).... so when we got to the gate we had to have our seats assigned.  With Colby in tow, we got to board the plane first (we were literally the VERY FIRST people to board the plane!).  We quickly found that they had put us in the last row of seats.... the ONLY seats on the plane without a window.  Lame.

Colby didn't seem to mind, though!  I nursed him when we took off because I heard it would help with his ears.  He snoozed a little just before we took off, but was awake the whole flight - just checking everything out!  We got to go through a little bit of turbulance as we came into Salt Lake City.  I nursed Colby for a little bit, but he passed out.  So he slept for the turbulance and landing.  Silly guy!

He really didn't scream at all - he was just a little fussy right at the beginning (it was taking them FOREVER to get moving!).  We just figured this picture was perfect because it's exactly what you DON'T want to be sitting near! :-)

 Warming up to the idea (notice, the gal on the other half of the aisle had a 2.5 year old - coincidence?!)

Excited about flying!

Ready to go!

Wait a second - he was supposed to stay awake 'til we took off!!!

Since we were the last row, we were the last off the plane, but it only took a few minutes to empty the plane because people couldn't bring on bigger bags at all.

Grandma and Grandpa Wells were very excited to meet us at baggage claim!!!  They met Colby when he was 1 month old - so he's changed a bit since then!!!

When we got to their house Colby finally got to meet his Auntie Cori!!!

We got in Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening was a poker night with a bunch of Grandma and Grandpa's friends! 

Of course.... Colby had a special shirt for the occasion (I made it Friday)!

Oh.... and it snowed!!! 
We were pretty happy it happened AFTER we got in!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby products I love!

My friend Dana over at Hancock Heir recently did a post about the products she loves and (almost) couldn't do without with an 11 week old baby.  I agree with her, while I've only had a kiddo for 10.5 weeks, there are some things that I use daily (many times a day really) that I (almost) couldn't do without!

So here's my list.....

Our Swing
The Bright Stars Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing from Target.  Colby loves his swing.  He naps in it at least once a day.  He will just relax in it too.  I don't blame him, it's cushy, molded to his rear, keeps him in constant movement (he loves to be moving), will even play soothing music for him (though he prefers rap / r&b to be on the radio instead).

The Boppy (or similar pillow)

It's great for feeding - I often use it to breastfeed Colby, and Jimmy likes to use it when he's feeding Colby a bottle.  Colby also likes to just hang out in it - we call it his recliner!  Sometimes we use it for tummy time too!

Snap-n-Go Stroller

At first, I wasn't a believer.  I thought they kinda looked stupid.  Jimmy thought they were a waste of money.  Then I found one on Craigslist for $20-$30 (they retail for $70), and figured why not try it.  Thank goodness.  Jimmy agrees that the snap-n-go was one of the best $20 or so we've ever spent.  We have our big stroller that came with the carseat (it's a jogging stroller) - it's great for outside walks / jogs, etc.  But for everyday running to the store / errands / mall trips.... the snap-n-go is a must!  it rolls great, has storage below the seat, and the carseat truly snaps in.  It's simple, lightweight, and doesn't take up much room.  We're going to use it for our upcoming trip to Utah, and I'm so excited we won't be lugging around the (very awesome but very large) jogger!

Baby Bjorn Active

Not only is this carrier great while we're out - it's also how I get dinner made on most nights.  You're probably wondering why I posted a picture of my back....  well it's to show off the difference between the original Bjorn and the active one.  The active has that nice big back support plate.  It really does make a difference!!!

SwaddleMe Blankets

LOL.  These blankets are great!  *Usually* his hands don't end up popping out of them like that, but Colby IS a wiggler!  These blankets should have the catchphrase "swaddling for dummies".  They've got velcro to help you get a nice tight swaddle without having to wrap or fold or.....  And they stay shut!  We really like them - we use them at night, and they tend to help our wiggleworm stay calm.

There are more products I love and use all the time.... but this is good for now! :-)  I'm sure I'll have a new list in a couple months! :-)