Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 month checkup!

We had Brendan's "6 month" checkup today (he's 10 days away from being 7 months... but who's counting?!)
{his stats}
weight - 15lb, 12.5oz (gained 1lb, 1.5 oz since his appointment 1 month ago) - 12.4%
height - 26.5" - 28.63% (this is definitely a jump in percentile since last time)
head - 17.72" / 45cm - 83.64% - hahahahahahaha

Unfortunately, once again I am majorly disappointed in the pediatrician we saw. Grrrr.

Again, she proved she cannot do basic math or answer the questions I ask (and I don't ask many, but I came up with a few to test her out again this time).  She seemed to have issues at the last appointment with her math (she said Brendan had "over doubled his birth weight" - he was 7lb, 13oz at birth..... he was 14lb, 11oz at the checkup one month ago - that is NOT double).  Once again, today, she had issues with basic math.  She said "oh good, he's gained one-and-a-half pounds in the month since we saw him last" - nope..... as shown above, he gained 1lb, 1.5oz - so if you want to be lazy and round - it would round to 1lb gain, not 1.5lbs.  

They also did not record one of the immunizations they gave Brendan last time (and I KNOW for a fact they gave it to him)... and she "fought" me on the fact that he had been given it last time for a while. This is seriously and completely unacceptable.  She sat and looked at the computer screen for a LONG time, and I finally offered up "if you're confused about the immunizations, remember we were behind because we missed his 4mo checkup, so I think we are still a little behind but should be caught up after this appointment".... I don't know when she would've asked / figured that one out.

Needless to say, we have 2 months until his next well kiddo checkup (at 9mos old) - and I WILL be switching to the other doc in the practice or finding somewhere else to try. Unacceptable.  The problem is, we live in a small town.  Surrounded by small towns.  About 45 minutes (or longer) from a decent size city.  Some people I know who live here have pediatricians in the larger town 45 minutes away... for me that is not an acceptable option.  There are NO walk-in clinics in this area - so if my kids have an ear infection, etc., I don't want to have to either drive almost an hour (one way) to go get them checked out or take them to the ER.  There SHOULD be someone that can actually do their job in this town, right?!  Oy.

Thank goodness I have retained a little bit of my brain (you lose a bunch of it when you become a mommy, I swear!) and can do basic math / know when to ask friends' advice / have healthy, happy, on-the-right-developmental-track kiddos.  Phew!

A few pics - Two of Brendan on my lap at the doc's office, then two of him totally zonked out this afternoon - he missed his morning nap and really had a hard time this afternoon (until his bum of a mom thought "hey, I should give him some Tylenol, I bet his legs are killing him!") with napping, etc.  Poor munchkinpie!

He really is asleep in these next two..... poor guy!

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  1. That sucks about the doc situation! I wish I could help :(